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Did you ever wonder what it means to be an
"Amazon Affiliate" ?

To become and Amazon affiliate means you must be engaged in "affiliate marketing". Affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing. This means that as an "affiliate" you are only rewarded for actual sales made.

There are four key players in the easy to understand world of affiliate marketing.

1.   the merchant, also known as the retailer, the brand or just "Amazon".

2.   the network, the technical medium where the transaction takes place, or the website.

3.   the publisher, or the affiliate, which is our development team at

4.   the customer, which is you, who we trust will be supportive and bookmark this page.

The four key players above are rather self explanatory and we feel you may get the picture once you start thinking about ID numbers. Chances are you've purchased items through Amazon before, but you did not use our ID number.

Of course it makes sense that we do all we can to encourage you to use our ID number each time you begin to think about shopping at Amazon. You can do this, and it doesn't cost one single penny more, but you must bookmark a special link and remember to always use us as your affiliate.

For example, look closely at the simple advertisement banner block below.

When you click on this banner block, you are brought directly to the website, just as if you entered the Amazon website directly from any other place on the web, but there's one important distinction.

Within a link beneath each banner advertisement is an ID code, and we of course prefer you use our store ID code for obvious reasons. This hidden ID code is how Amazon identifies us as we refer you to them. If and when you complete any purchase, you win with the same great Amazon service while we win with extra dimes and quarters for recommending you to Amazon.

The truth of the matter is, unless you consciously enter Amazon from some pre-determined entry point, you could be paying your commissions to anyone, and each and every time you make a purchase at Amazon, you are indeed paying a commission to someone, most likely Google, Yahoo or some other giant (now you know how they came to be giants).

Of course we'd really like everyone in the whole world to enter Amazon through our website, and we think we've made the point clear enough to understand. A great way to get started is to bookmark a special gateway link from this page and use that bookmark link each time you decide to shop!

Look closely at another example below of how we found a way for anyone to enter the Amazon website through our own website.

It looks nice, but does it work? The answer is simple: only if you use it.

Now we can't offer you a free laptop from Amazon, but we can come close to it once in a while. Through our affiliate program we offer you the very same great service and discount prices you have come to trust at the Amazon network.

Will you please help us grab our little slice of the Amazon pie to help cut through some of our expenses here at the nonprofit network?

Will you make a commitment to think of us each time you shop on Amazon?

Bookmark one of the links below now and don't forget!

We want you to know we're always here for you.