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How our Nonprofit Network can help you

By Charles DiBella
Founder / Director
2012 ©

It seems every three to five years we're buying a new computer, and now that you have your new one online the big question is what to do with the old one. It's a puzzle almost everyone must deal with from time to time, and so we've come up with a short list of alternatives.

  • put it out at the curb with other recycleables
  • give it to a friend, family member, or local organization
  • drop it off at Goodwill so they can sell it
  • bring it back to where you bought it and let them recycle it
  • drop it of at a recycling center or recycling event
  • you can sell it to the public either online or offline
  • advertise to give it away to anyone who wants it
  • store it away and forget about it for a while
  • use it in the basement, kitchen or elsewhere it may be useful

On the other hand, we offer a unique approach which is very convenient, especially if you are hoping to see your computer put back into productive use, and there is an added benefit of a tax write-off if your gift qualifies. We'll explain our process below and you can decide if it's a good alternative for your situation.

The Nonprofit Reuser Network at is a growing community of nonprofit organizations seeking direct donations of various types of technology. At present, nearly 1500 nonprofit organizations are enrolled, and information about each nonprofit participant can be found here. If you want, browse around in your state to see if there is anyone near you, and feel free to visit their website to make direct contact about giving your computer.

Looking up and contacting and organization is one very simple way of making a connection, but the power of our Nonprofit Reuser Network goes much farther when you list your donation offer on our website. Listing your donation offer is a simple process involving a single form with no need for a login account or password.

As you look over the donation offer form and the information required you will get an idea of the different criteria we use to match you up with a suitable organization. You'll see that we're interested in whether or not you would like a tax write-off, or if you would care to negotiate shipping your gift out of state.

Upon submitting your offer, you're given an opportunity to review your information and make changes, but once you confirm your offer, your listing is queued for direct delivery to each of our participants. You remain anonymous while information regarding your equipment offering is presented to each of our nonprofit particpants.

If any of our nonprofit particpants are interested in receiving your equipment, their request will be forwarded to you through our service. Each request you receive contains complete contact and location information, an email address and link to their website, along with detailed information about their goals and mission.

You may ignore or respond to any request at your own discretion. Your identity and contact information will never be revealed by us to anyone, and will remain confidential. Finally, to stop receiving requests, simply cancel your offering at anytime. A link to cancel your offering is included within each email you receive, and your cancellation is effective immediately.


Charles DiBella is the founder and director for and the Nonprofit Recycling Network. At present, Charles teaches and assists very poor young student leaders in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You can read more about Charles and his teaching adventures at his personal website