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Dallas, Texas 75202 
12 Aug 16
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
Polycom soundpoint IP 330 (82) Polycom soundpoint IP 650 (19) Ethernet Patch Cables (76) Polycom PSA15A 480p 48v Power Adapter (18) K1D100s Dynamic Desk Clamp (11) Base frame mount (2) Dell L100 Keyboard (3) Dell KB212-HF Keyboard (2) Dell KB1421 Keyboard (1) Microsoft wired keyboard 400 Model #1366 (3) Fellows Smart Design Keyboard Model #KU-9938 (1) Tandberg EX90 (1) Foot control unit FS-80 (1) Esiergo Keyboard Platform (1) Tandberg Phone (1) SG-50 (5) SG-T1k (5)
NOTE Some or all of these items may be considered scrap or salvage and the offerer is willing to negotiate for swift removal.
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