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Most Recent Donation Offers
for Saturday, July 21st 2018

New York, New York 10001 
28 Jun 17
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
Four, black, 4-drawer filing cabinets. Used but all in good and working condition. Dimensions are: 18.25" wide x 26.75" deep x 52" tall. Available immediately, including hanging files.
DN9847453 · 0 · 388 · C · -358

, Michigan 48917 
16 Jun 17
Offerer may negotiate shipping
We are doing a bit of spring cleaning and found that we have far more binders than we can ever use. There are nearly a hundred binders available in all sizes.
DN1547744 · 1 · 400 · P · -390

Irving, Texas 75038 
13 Jun 17
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
Office quality freestanding Oce Printer. Copy/Print/Fax.
DN3004549 · 1 · 402 · C · -372

San Diego, California 92104 
11 Jun 17
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
We have a working used office copy machine to donate. We would like to get a tax receipt for this item. It is a Kyocera KM 1650 Office Copier. It is about the size of a dresser. Picture provided upon request. Ideally we would like to donate to a local organization in San Diego who can pick up the copier. We are not willing to ship.
DN5446017 · 0 · 405 · C · -375

Raleigh, North Carolina 27609 
06 Jun 17
Offerer is UNWILLING to ship
FREE COPIER! We have a black and white copier that we no longer use. some of the fancy functions no longer work (ie: collating, stapling, self-feeding), but it still makes copies.
NOTE Some or all of this offering may be considered scrap or salvage and the offerer is willing to negotiate for swift removal.
DN1820600 · 0 · 409 · P · -379