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In the Classroom and for the Office
since 1994

  FAQ Answer

---- D-3: Where are you located and do you pickup? ---- Recycles.Org is a network of individual, independent, and unaffiliated nonprofit organizations participating in our service through this website. We are a "virtual exchange network", comprised of hundreds of participating nonprofit organizations with branch locations throughout the world. When you offer to donate equipment, if what you have to offer is useful to any one of our participants, you will be contacted by them through our service. Upon receiving each request, you are supplied with complete location and contact information for the participating organization so you may investigate further and make a sound giving decision. Your equipment offering is presented to our participants in a structured and confidential manner, making the process of giving easy, convenient, and secure. You may respond to any request of your choosing, and who you choose to give is completely up to you. You remain anonymous, until you initiate return contact. ----

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